Writing synthesis essay with examples

Writing synthesis essay with examples

An analysis is a written, meaningful text elements reflection, a literary work, an argument. An essay is a response to the teacher’s prompts. In synthesis essay key points from a text/literary work are used to make a critical work summary/justification. You can learn to write analysis with the help of thoughtful reading. Use sources support, structuring information, detailed writing, scrutiny synthesis essay example.

Before you begin to write the work read the task. Analyze an example of a synthesis essay. Most teachers point out paper work aspects that you should pay attention to in analysis. It includes the literary work heroes, figurative speech, the discussion subject, source material.

Before delve into the writing, decide the particular point for the synthesis essays.

Write an article introduction. The intro should give the reader basic information about the problem. You must write an argument synthesis thesis statement in the first paragraph. Avoid summarizing events – it’s better to state present argument, avoid dramatic introductions (at the beginning it’s best not to use question marks/exclamations).

An example of a synthesis essay introduction: the German people adhered to this rule during the Early Middle Ages: if a person suffered a misfortune, he had the vengeance right. In the epic poem Beowulf, the main character must fight two antagonistic forces who want to take revenge on all humanity. Comparison of the Grendel’s mother and dragon vengeance act proves that faith in the retribution is a characteristic Early Middle Ages feature. Considering the attack reasons, the revenge act, Beowulf’s reaction to the attacks, we can conclude that the dragon’s actions were more equitable.

This introduction gives readers understand all thesis information. Synthesis essay example introduction points out the complexity, versatility of the poem main idea. It is interesting since it is implied that the reader should think about the text, not “go through it tangentially.”

Do not spill water. Do not start a paragraph with general words, in which there are many sounds, but little substance. Go straight to the point.

Structure of the text body

It is important that the main part is built according to the logic laws. You can go from simple to complex, can conduct analysis-synthesis, use the deduction/induction methods. To write synthesis logical text:

  • record the abstract;
  • Choose for thesis positive argument/arguments;
  • build theses in a logical sequence, one thought must flow from another

With checking the synthesis essay example, the detailed plan remains only to “increase” the text – your essay will be almost ready. Before you start working on the particular point, check whether the theses are arranged in a logical sequence, whether the evidence is convincing.

Write the main part of paragraphs. Each section should consist of the main sentence, the text part analysis, the text argument, which confirms the work/thesis statement analysis. The main sentence contains information about paragraph content. You analyze the text when giving reasons The above facts should support an argument, point of view. Every statement must support the thesis.

Example of the main sentence: the concept of “exorbitant retribution” is the difference between two attacks. An analysis example of synthesis essay: Grendel’s mother does not crave revenge, according to the medieval statement “an eye for an eye”. She wants to take life for life, turning the kingdom of Hrothgar into ruins.

Synthesis essay example of the argument: Instead of killing Escher’s warrior, performing a revenge act, she grabs a noble warrior into her mouth, returns to the swamp. A statement is a confirmation, an explanation.” Any statement must be based on evidence, the connection between it should be explained.

You need to know when to insert quotes, rephrase thoughts, use your sources. Text citations mean that a certain text passage is quoted, inserted into the essay. The citation is good when want to find out the work essence, support your argument, do example illustration. Make sure that you use the correct citation form, depending on the style chosen. Rephrasing is a text summary, summing up is used when you select the basic information from the text that the argument is convincing.

Synthesis essay example of a quote: “She rushed forward without paying attention to them, having issued a victorious cry, seized Escher, whom Hrothgar loved most. The next instant disappeared with him in the night.

Paraphrased sentence: Grendel’s mother invaded the Heorot realm, grabbed one of the sleeping men, disappeared into the night.

Make conclusions, in it, you should remind the reader the proving argument process. Can also rephrase the thesis, formulate a connection between the events in the conclusions. You need to submit “integrated solutions”, must show how arguments are related to the work main idea how opinion can affect the changes in the reader’s judgments.

Output: The concept of “an eye for an eye” had a huge influence in the Early Middle Ages. By comparing the attacks of Grendel/dragon, you can find out what is the difference between revenge meanings. The instinct dragon acts, Grendel’s attack has evil intentions.

This analysis should incline the reader to the dragon side since the Grendel’s actions description proves that it is immoral, evil creature.