Write a synthesis essay

Write a synthesis essay

Such work teaches students to collect the necessary facts, influences their critical thinking and the ability to work with new ideas. This knowledge can help them when passing an essay writing the exam. This is not only a generalization of what the student has read. The student must digest the facts, organize them, choose the arguments for the highlights, cite to support his opinion, if necessary. Check how to deal with AP synthesis essay here.

Choose a topic

To create the perfect essay, you need an ideal theme. A real question is related to controversial issues and topical issues. Here are some examples of useful items for a synthetic essay:

  • How does social media influence society?
  • Consequences of deforestation
  • Policy of China
  • The evolution of morality through history
  • Racism and its impact on immigrants
  • Does the text affect the grammar of adolescents?
  • Ways to reduce the greenhouse effect
  • The impact of financial circumstances and social status on the level of crime
  • Is it still important to wear uniforms in school?

Find a complex topic that you can use, and this will not become a big problem for concentration. Good items of the synthesis essay can be formulated as questions. The title should be intriguing to attract attention.

Work plan

Read your sources, conceptualize, define your point of view, write your thesis statement and attach all the arguments to what you learned from these sources.

Analyze these sources. Find out your opinion about the chosen topic. Keep the entire essay format clear.

An important step in right work is a building of strong thesis statement. Learn your provided sources. Create an argument that expresses your point of view.

Make your conclusions

Mention the most important points, formulate thematic proposals. Create one such sentence for the abstract, and don`t forget to submit an argument. For one paragraph, two or three arguments are sufficient. Refer to various sources. Thus, the arguments look convincing. Check your prompt once again.

Now you have a clear plan. Start creating a draft.

Edit and then fix the draft document. Write down not very long sentences and abstracts. The logically structured text helps readers understand its meaning.

Start writing. It’s not difficult and not intimidating. Preparatory steps have already been prepared. Save the structure. Finish the essay.