Welcome synthesis essay format

Welcome synthesis essay format

The great synthesis essay format is when you check the first version, the main task is to develop an argument, refine the basic ideas, arrange them in a strict sequence, accompanying with illustrative materials/auxiliary data. After writing the first variant, put aside it for a day or two, go back and check/improve language and composition on a fresh head.

When you are checking, pay attention to the following important points:

The argumentative essay is an empirical opinion; its evaluation can be subjective. Do not focus on all at once.

Presented data:

Regardless of which question you are answering, you need to achieve certain goals, admissions officers expect from you that when writing you will keep in mind the following:

  • Did I respond to the question?
  • Did I put my thoughts clear/accurate?
  • Did it sound like me, are there mistakes?

Communication/writing skills

Essays are designed to test your ability to express thoughts on paper. The admission committee says: “Essay should not characterize you as a future writer/philologist; you are a future physician, lawyer, leader, manager. For the successful application process, it is important to be able to present ideas well, the express ability on paper. It is available to whom can easily communicate with other people “.

The poorly written argument synthesis essay will not help you to be well appreciated.

The image of a real person.

The image of the person who wrote the argumentative essays it is what the expert commission wants to see. The test results, work experience are not the principal points. The character of the candidate is important, they say: “We are looking for something that was elusive in the documents package. We hope to find a feature that cannot be shown in numeral. Do not miss the opportunity to tell about yourself; it will help to confirm that you are not just the sum of different indicators but a real person. ”

The task is to be honest, sincere, unique, to be yourself!

Experts suppose that often people want to seem like someone: people lose sight of being a man, try to be a leader/mature personality.


The only way to demonstrate originality is to add personal, unique elements in the argumentative synthesis essays. The composition becomes more interesting and attracting attention. It will help to stand out among hundreds of other contenders.

It’s annoying to read works that abound in everyday phrases; it’s a waste of time, officers will not understand anything about the candidate identity.


All that you write have to be confirmed by examples try to make references to experience. Make a strong thesis statement. The details will make you attractive, unique, specific.

Distinctive features / Uniqueness / Something interesting, funny

According to experts, “applicants should not be afraid if they will go beyond, it is better to be themselves.” Future students are worried about whether they will be able to make the right impression, they remove everything that makes them outstanding. Applicants essay is tedious to read. ” You do not have to joke to be interesting, use all the disposal ways to your disposal to make memorable compositions.


The expert commission does not admit participants who like to throw sand into the eyes. You need to reflect the true state of things. Every character has shortcomings; you must be honest, but positive, try do not focus on imperfection. “Weaknesses” should be presented as follows: “earlier it was my fault, now it has turned into a positive quality.”

A little about humor

Admissions officers will unanimously confirm “Humor is a great tool, but use it wisely.” The sarcastic or defiant tone is o annoying, true humor is an art, it is a sign of good taste.”

A small retreat

The essays little secret: it is effortless to write. It’s just an essay! Paper work can be without preface, prologue, epilog, content, list of literature, line, and other literary wisdom and long explanations. All this is necessary! Just write what you want to say – briefly and clearly! That’s all!!!

We will continue:

In the essay you tell the story of success, indicate the reasons why you want to be in progress with the direction that you have chosen. You can go even further by writing an essay in the form of a literary work: a story. It is a risky approach,  most people are not very good writers, it is a dangerous plan, and it’s possible to downplay the seriousness of your narrative. And finally, you will deal with application process just because you are a great storyteller.