The synthesis essay about space exploration

 The synthesis essay about space exploration

Modern technologies provide an opportunity to look at the new space. And, of course, to write about it.

Our ancestors looked at stars as a flat sphere, hiding the outer emptiness and protecting humanity from threats above. The stars (the Sun in particular) were revered as deities. With the development of civilization, people realized that the heavenly bodies over their heads are part of another, larger world. Science raised brightest heads for understanding the world outside the home planet. But it was just an outline for modern time.

The history of space exploration

The possibility of studying outer cosmos expenses became a reality with the invention of a telescope. It is an exciting topic to research. Astronomers kept records of visible stars and developed a grid of coordinates to indicate the position of celestial bodies. This knowledge contributed to the development of cartography and navigation. It helped to explore their native planet. Sailors crossed over the world with the help of stars on a night sky.

In the 20th century, the real cosmic era of mankind began together with the launch of near-Earth satellites. The first man in outer space, the first people on the Moon – these achievements have opened incredible horizons and opportunities for people. The direction vector of further technology development was directed strictly upwards. Even TV-channels and some online broadcasters have their own satellites in space. What there to say about a military application.

Endless Universe

The Universe is an endless source of resources necessary for mankind and a testing ground for the most extraordinary and bold ideas of scientists. The possibility of establishing colonies on distant planets and obtaining energy directly from stars is only a small part of the possibilities of using space technologies. Various compounds and states of matter can provide answers to fundamental questions of science. Even some axioms of mathematics can be refuted after several decades of space industry development.

The main problem of cosmic exploration is an inadequate level of scientific technologies. Speaking a simple language: people prefer smartphones and video quality to work together and building a real spaceship. Modern space-shuttles and satellites also require improvements and better technical procuring. Providing the best theoretical and practical sources will cause growth in space industry development.


Mankind needs to clearly realize its role in the exploration of outer cosmos. Do everything to overcome internal conflicts and contradictions. The unified population of the Earth can bring society and scientific progress to a new level of understanding of the universe by the end of the century. Unite all knowledge and technologies to get the best result at Solar System exploration. All over the Universe will be available for traveling in a few centuries with further development of the space industry.