Synthesis essay thesis statement examples

Synthesis essay thesis statement examples

“How to write a thesis for a synthesis essay” – a relevant question for those who want to write an essay/scientist research. Strong thesis preparation is the most difficult part of the work. This article was created to help you cope with the problem and give synthesis essay thesis examples and entire format. You can check how to write AP English language essay here.

Ask yourself a question, make a reply to it with an argument; it can be presented in the FAQ form.

  • «What are the advantages of using computer technology in junior school»? Computers allow obtaining technological, scientific knowledge at the earliest stage.
  • «Why does the Mississippi River play a major role in Mark Twain’s book The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn»? The river symbolizes both separation/progress, it shares characters/terrain. It gives a chance to Huck and Jim to recognize each other better.
  • «Why people are so irritated by vegans, feminists and other representatives of modern trends morally oriented “groups of the population»? After researching a sociological study, we found out that people think that representatives of «morally oriented groups» believe that others are «second class people». It provokes anger/ conflicts.”

Adjust thesis to the document type which you are writing; not all essays are written for the purpose, persuasion, training. Understanding the writing purpose will help choose the best argument variant.

The analytic paperwork breaks the subject of the study into separate parts to better understand. An argument synthesis thesis example: “The relations dynamics between generations is the main play conflict. The age becomes the violence motive to which King Lear has been subjected”. An analytical paper work explains the topic under consideration.

An explanatory thesis example: “In the 1800s, the ideologies explosive development such as positivism, Marxism, Darwinism led to the Christianity discrediting, people concentration in the material world”.

The discussion paper is aimed at getting feedback from listeners. To discuss the issue, to change opinion.

A discussion argument example “Without certain decisions, steady hand of the president, the country would never have been able to get out of the hole which appeared in the early 2000s.”

Write down synthesis essay thesis examples with a clear position; it would be a powerful tool. You should pay attention to one particular issue

Consider the synthesis essay thesis statement examples below

  • During Civil War, North and South fought against slavery. But North defended morality principles, while the South side – for protection established power institutions.
  • The American steel industry biggest problem is the lack of funds for obsolete equipment, factories.
  • Hemingway’s stories created a new style of prose with extended dialogues, short sentences, the use of the classical (Anglo-Saxon) English vocabulary.

Find positive argument that you have never heard before. The best theses allow us to find a new, unusual way to look at the topic under consideration. Synthesis essays thesis turns out to be fresh, dynamic.

  • “The Internet technologies emergency deprived of copyright laws – anyone can be able to read books, watch movies, research study works of art, download music for free.”

The guarantee is that present argument is provable. Do not invent a thesis statement, check its validity. You need an argument, which can back up with evidence.

Formulate the hypotheses correctly. Abstract statements convey to the reader key ideas/argument of the texts. It serves a thoughts road map indicating your analysis, explaining the interpretation of the current topic. The thesis will answer the question: “What will be discussed in the essay?”

The argument provisions:

  • Are judgments, not facts, results of observations. The facts are given in the main text to substantiate the theses.
  • Express a specific position on the current topic.
  • Convey the main idea, explain what you are going to tell about; answer specific questions, justify arguments.
  • People should have the opportunity to express a different point of view or support your statements.
  • The theses should be placed at the end of the first paragraph, somewhere in the introduction, in the first sentence.
  • Prepare a thesis preliminary version and organizational plan. It will help you to get on the right path, will force to reflect, will allow developing ideas deeply, achieve content clarity of understanding.
  • You should think about theses the consistency, clarity, laconism of theses.

There are two different approaches to the synthesis essay thesis examples preparation. Some people cannot start writing synthesis essay without having conceived, without writing down the theses. Others can not immediately understand what thoughts can lead you to; they consider senseless to prepare theses before a full issue understanding. Do as you will be more convenient.

  • When you had final theses version – analyze it; the point is to avoid mistakes that can weaken arguments.
  • Never make out theses in the question form; thesis purpose is to answer the questions, not ask.
  • The argument is not a list. If you are trying to answer a specific question, variable theses elements can blur meaning. Thesis provisions should be concise.
  • Never mention a new topic in the abstracts that you are not going to mention in the text.
  • Do not write in the first person singular, proposals like “I will demonstrate …” do not approve.
  • Do not express an aggressive attitude. The writing goal is to convince someone of your point of view, not to compel turn away. The best way to do this is to grab people attention. Adhere to an unbiased position, try to find common grounds from different points of view.