Synthesis essay on food waste and modern problems related to fast-food

Synthesis essay on food waste and modern problems related to fast-food

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Fast food is a restaurant, specially equipped for accelerated processing of orders and cooking of food.

The first such institution appeared in 1921 in Kansas under the name of the White Castle – the specialty of the menu was a hamburger. It is a simple sandwich made of meat between two slices of bread. Hamburger remains one of the symbols of fast food and considered as the most famous dish for the order. For some people, the danger of fast food is a rhetorical question.

The accelerated pace of people’s lives in modern times has led to a rapid increase in the popularity of fast food establishments in developed countries. Citizens are trying to save their time, so prefer snacking on the go. This factor played a decisive role in the establishment and fast rates of spread popular brands of fast-food restaurants. The saturation of food with spices made fast food so tasty and high-calorie. Almost all dishes in fast food restaurants are prepared with abundant amounts of vegetable oil. Complex fats are well absorbed by the body but are extremely slowly extracted from it.

Developed countries have the highest percentage of people suffering from obesity. Fast food has turned from a convenient institution on the way to work, to a real Mecca for food lovers. It has long been known that food helps a person’s mental health. Sweet helps thinking and reduces stress, like a spice-rich portion of French fries with a hamburger. Modern men who do not really have enough time to prepare food have long been trying to take care of a half-hour hike to their favorite restaurant or they cook at home and bring food with them to work. In the modern offices of IT companies growing the popularity of catering. Modern offices or areas for teamwork (co-working) can be sometimes provided with a small staff of their own professional chefs. Even if you have a bit of fast food, then do not worry. Several times a month to afford a delicious, but the high-calorie food provided a healthy diet at another time do not bring much harm to the body. But in this case, try to choose for a snack a small family establishment, where you can be sure of the diligence and conscientiousness of the cooks.

Fast food restaurants were usually located on the way to work. Forgetting about breakfast, people just went for a snack – and the same way was done at lunch and on the way home. Many citizens began to suffer from obesity because of the regular attending of fast food – they suffered from the complexes associated with excess weight. They are lost self-esteem and began to communicate with friends less frequently. The problem of excess weight began to be laughed at in the media, which contributed to the gradual aggravation of the problem of mass obesity among the population.

It is generally accepted that people suffer from obesity and related illness because of laziness. Society itself exacerbates the situation, ridiculing the problems of excess weight – this helps to reduce the self-esteem of obese men. Many organizations have emerged that help people with excess weight. They allow them to feel themselves in society. Various gyms offer special programs to get in shape and helping to reduce body weight to optimal values. There are special programs of psychological rehabilitation of citizens who have lost touch with friends and the outside world. The society should adhere to the program of rehabilitation of people with obesity. It is required to help them increase their self-esteem in every possible way. A  long time sitting at home (especially considering the developed sphere of remote work through the Internet) they improve their skills in IT spheres. They become excellent professionals working with computers and the latest gadgets.

Fast-foods have contributed to increasing the problem of mass obesity among the population, as tasty and fast foods can be useful for society. Busy people who do not have time for cooking or visiting catering establishments – a quick snack in fast food can be very useful and convenient.

One of the problems of modern fast food institutions is the deterioration of the quality of food. The fact is the food is cooked “on the fly”, cooks often neglect the rules of hygiene and cooking. It is necessary to carefully monitor the reputation of your favorite fast food establishments. Ask employees information about the institution. It may be presented to a general examination right in the halls, near the fast-food cash desk.

Delivered products sometimes do not go through all the stages of a thorough check as companies of fast food restaurants sometimes save on the quality of meat or vegetables. The products are heat-treated or finely chopped through the technology of cooking fast food. It allows them to serve good quality food. If we improve the quality of inspection of delivered products and try to increase the staff of cooks – the quality of food will increase. Fast-food restaurants can also create additional jobs. They could hire employees with excess weight.

Work in fast food can provide jobs to young men. Many of them resort to working on night shifts or on weekends, combining shifts in fast food with training. One of the problems is the employment of illegal immigrants from other countries – they are often kept in poor conditions and work for a minimum wage. Even this work considered more prestigious than employment in their hometown or even the capital of their country. Most fast food restaurants own establishments around the world that allows people to find work closer to home.

Assistance in socialization for people with underestimated self-esteem with excess weight will help increase the number of professionals in the labor market. It is necessary to follow the course of development and improve the quality of service in the future. Fast food can become tasty and convenient and an excellent employer for certain categories of the population.