Synthesis essay – is an article with combining different ideas and analysis

Synthesis essay – is an article with combining different ideas and analysis

Chief synthesis essay features:

  • Report of information from different sources with clear, understandable statements.
  • Structure given information for more comfortable perception by readers.
  • Help the reader retrieves key ideas of your article and looks on the new side of the main subject.

How to write the perfect essay?

All information is provided by real sources. Connect two or more origins – your readers see an evolution of the main idea. Develop and follow your thoughts, showing different angles of problems, advantages; complain and unite opposite views – it gives your readers a chance to choose and develop own sight on the topic. Discuss with your readers – writing an essay is the progress of the author’s point of view. Show to an audience how you concluded right this way.

Your article must have a clear structure and straightforward streamline of thoughts. Explore the main topic of your synthesis essay from different angles. Attention to smallest details brings a new level of understanding problems and features.

Structure of a synthesis essay

Use a clear structure for your essay and write understandable, comprehensive sentences. Use quotations and real examples. Sources of a given material are provided in strict, argument way. Choose more precise and close cases – try to gain links and pictures of highlighted precedent.

Make sure that each paragraph has the next features:

  • Each separate section has a title or key sentence about its central topic.
  • Provide real cases and examples. Give readers two or more different sources.
  • Use quotations, citations, and transitions – each expression is close to facts and clear for perception.
  • Avoid plagiarism and always verify the information and try to write on your own for separate topics.
  • Complain about different ideas and sources – show significant benefits and flaws of your article subject.
  • Represent efficient analyze and paraphrase sources. Same time always adhere to information given by examples – make your essay an explanation of more challenging topic by simple words and extensions.

Evolve own view on the subject and write the most relevant aspects of related thoughts. Show your readers own progress in understanding the key issue as a conclusion and follow your text from sources to findings. Provide reasonable views and highlight the subject from more separate points.

Efficient checking of an own essay

The typical text formed by separate chapters – each chapter has paragraphs with different explanations of the main idea. This is also simplifying your article for an audience – readers need to understand what is your story about in exact streamline of author’s thoughts. Follow your mind without a breach of continuity. Lead your audience from each source to conclusions and points of view. Use clear language.

A readable essay has some features:

  • State your thoughts about a topic in a sentence or two. Short but exact statements are more readable and prosper for an audience. Think as your reader does and try to see your article like you’re seeing it for the first time. You may notice some mistakes or whole paragraphs need to edit additionally. When finally writing your essay – check sources and examples one more time for confidence in real argumentation in your words.
  • Some of your readers will open and read your article without any additional information about the main subject. Help them using historical facts, full known ideas and cases. At the moment of writing down your own conclusions and ideas, make sure readers already know what you will talk about.
  • Use facts and quotations provide the author’s name and links (if possible). Explain how sources and real cases belong to your essay central idea – each bond is evident and has a total conclusion.

The structure of the article must answer three questions: what, how and why. Each sentence is a complete thought, and each paragraph must explain one bright finished feature of the main topic. Express deformed ideas into structured text – throw down yourself on the piece of paper.

Form of a typical research essay

  • Introduction paragraph. As the author, you need to bring readers a main subject of discussion – explain why you choose exactly this topic and what aspects you will highlight in a forward text.
  • Body paragraphs. The main part of a book – here you give your arguments and express own thoughts of a taken subject. This part will develop your idea from the source to conclusion with considering different aspects and real examples.
  • Conclusion. Clear thoughts and statements about your view on the problems and advantages of the main topic. There may be your ideas for development and correction of different key aspects – summarize all thoughts you express to the one direct streamline of thinking. Bring the most important features to the audience and give them a chance to make own conclusions.

The main in essay writing is to show your audience how important your topic is. Highlight as many flaws and advantages as you can and complain about them wisely -your article must not teach but give information to readers for the own understanding of the main subject. Bring them structured information by using real examples and strong arguments – make your essay easy to read by even a child. Write on your own – think of your audience.