Popular topics used in essays.

Popular topics used in essays.

The main topic – is the most important thing in a synthesis essay.

When choosing the best subject to write on – concentrate and look close for each interesting subject. You need to create an outline to research the topic. The author can find many unaccounted aspects of the main topic with a more attentive look. A proper synthesis essay highlights a topic from different angles and with each connected idea. Make your audience see problems and advantages as they really are. Readers will have an opportunity to make own conclusions and take the author’s thoughts as informing advice.

On my thought, the most popular topics for synthesis essay are:

  • Fast rates of globalization. The modern world seemed to be more versatile past days. In the 21st century, separate countries and nations synthesize several different “unions”. We all can say what’s a difference between Asian and Europe societies, but how many people would distinguish a difference between Chinese and Korean cultures?
  • The problem of worldwide terrorism. Numerous radical groupings burn the whole world with regular terrorist acts and various intimidation occasions. Some of them are highly supported by government and militarists – it gives advantages and sources of weaponry and new conscripts.
  • Fast food appearance. Modern fast-food restaurants passed a long way from a comfortable place to eat in a fast. Nowadays, mass obesity and related problems are important problems of the total nation’s health.
  • Mass media influence to a regular viewer. The modern audience does not want to waste time for senseless broadcasting and search to interesting, outstanding content. Same time, the Internet and Mass media companies have undisputed control on their worldwide audience – proper marketing and shiny cover can make any dictator – popular TV or Twitter star.
  • Sexual content on TV and the Internet. Influence of the world wide web is really huge. Even teenager able to find porn of any case and appearance. It may affect the development of young men and cause different problems in the future. This topic is one of the most controversial among others – choose proper words to explain own thoughts. All information related to sexuality may cause discussions and disputes in society – think twice before starting to write about.
  • Video games and violence propaganda. Virtual reality technologies grow fast daily – we can’t avoid features and advantages they give. The endless potential of human imagination can bring fantastic gadgets and ideas to the real world. But, the question of violence still stands. Do we really need to know how to kill monsters with a chainsaw, when your children can not even cook breakfast? What economy and industry fields really need virtual gaming experience and how it could be useful?
  • Criminal activity in the world. Main criminal centers among world map and important channels of contraband and slavery. How rejecting heavy synthetic drugs could bring peace and desired marijuana legalize to the streets etc.