How to prepare for AP language and composition synthesis essay prompt?

How to prepare for AP language and composition synthesis essay prompt?

Close to the date of an English language and composition exam lots of students become nervous and doubt on their abilities to pass it.

For those who wish to pass it well, we have prepared this little guideline to help you for passing the ap language and composition prompt. Among the web, you could find lots of the prompt examples about English language and composition item but most of them couldn’t bring you any benefits without a strict understanding of how does the composition essay structure should be looks compared. In this article, we have prepared 3 simple rules to use for any topic. Following these rules should give you a clear idea of how to write your synthesis essay prompt to pass it well.

Pay lots of attention to your sources. Read carefully, learn closely and analyze them.

One of the most frequent questions appears among the students before the essay prompt is: “How could I find appropriative sources, which supports my thesis if there is nothing suitable in my given ones?”. Other students can suggest you search for appropriative information through the internet or in the library (if you’ll ask the fans of old school). But the truth is this advice is helpful, unuseful and even harmful for your result. Undoubtedly, you can find some useful information in the matter of English language and composition within google or paper tutorials. But you can’t use any of them during the prompt, as well as you can`t learn all of this information several days before an exam. So where should I run?! (asking a poor student with tears in eyes). Don`t panic. All the useful information needed to support the main thesis of your essay is already assuredly provided in your given sources. “Did you hear me? I said there is nothing helpful for my thesis” (will cry once again). Keep calm, dear friend, teachers in your college are not the monsters whose only dream is to watch you are failing an exam.

All the sources provided for prompt questions are full of the needed answers, your goal is just to learn how to find it inside, summarize and express your own point of view to this problem.

One of the most important things in preparing for a synthesis essay exam is an ability to outline responses to questions and build a persuasive argumentation for the thesis of your essay. Try to use all of the information from various sources and highlight the most important statements they contain. A Clear understanding of ideas you have read through the sources will definitely help you build a strong argument basis for your essay. It worth to be noticed, that during the prompt an author would have only a 15 minutes period for reading sources, in this case, an ability to make a fast analysis of the information could become a key factor.

The second important thing in synthesis essay creation is to find the right words to establish your own stands on the issue. Talking about English language and composition synthetical essay subject, the rhetorical analysis could be a good idea. You don`t really have to take the position on any side of discussing. Especially, if an issue concerns to questions with the free response, like global warming or gender equality.

The last part of an English language essay writing is to summarize all arguments for your position on the issue and make a conclusion for the main thesis of your essay.

Don`t be afraid to make unusual conclusions and propose new answers to old and well-known questions on the item. Ability to create fresh ideas through comparing various sources, analyze and consider them critically from your personal point of view could only make your synthesis essay surprisingly better. Even if your personal answers establish an issue in terms that differ from common ethical or moral standards. The great secret is that teachers actually love to hear brave new expressions of unusual solutions to scientific problems. Competence to argument another opinion within own words and prove it with strong undisputable facts would be definitely highly appreciated.