How To Handle with the writing of an AP English Language Composition Synthesis Essay?

How To Handle with the writing of an AP English Language Composition Synthesis Essay?

The English language AP essay writing is quite similar to the persuasive papers.

Writing the essay, you will have a short break (as a rule, it’s 15 minutes), which is given to read the provided materials and plan the structure of your work. This also means that unlike other types of this research, your synthesis essay will be built on the bunch of materials that will be provided to you during the exam. This fact makes synthesis essay easier to write. This way, you will have a possibility to support your ideas with the provided facts, quotes, and examples, and thus, create a high-quality text.

What is the purpose of this task? The main goal of this work is to reveal the person’s ability to research the provided information, analyze it, and use it as a support base for their thoughts in the text.

How to write the composition synthesis essay with ease?

Writing beautiful essay requires a whole complex of strong writing, and analyzing skills, as well as good knowledge of the given topic. Not everyone understands how to cope with this task. However, there are some practical tips that will help you to create a good text within a short time that you are given during the exam.

  1. Prioritize Your Sources

Not all information that you will read is equally significant, and that is why it is important to evaluate each source and decide which data is more and less important.

  1. Use The Given Time Effectively.

The 15-minute time is provided to give you an opportunity to read and learn the source materials and create a detailed plan for your text. The synthesis essay will present several sources that contain facts and opinions regarding the stated topic and thus, you have to read them carefully, note the most important nuances, and highlight the data that may be useful for your text.

Creating an outline is also important. This will help you to create a logical thesis, write the text faster and not miss out something significant.

  1. Provide Solid Arguments.

Just like other types of compositions, this essay will justify and focus specifically on your personal opinion, and thus, there are no wrong or correct answers. Despite this fact, your text should represent the logical and solid base that proves the appropriateness of your ideas, supporting them not only with the given sources but also your personal experience and knowledge.

  1. Prepare In Advance.

All these tips can help you cope with this task easier, but you will have much more chances to succeed if you prepare for the writing process in advance! Devote some time before the exam to remember how to structure your work properly, what tone to use, and find a good free synthesis essay sample! Your thesis statement should be strong too.

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