Great Tips to Write Synthesis Essay

Great Tips to Write Synthesis Essay

A student may start thinking he or she is pretty good at completing academic assignments after several argumentative and other types of essays here and there. However, what would you do is assigned to write a synthesis essay? Do not have the foggiest idea what it is?

We will take students behind the curtains and let them take the advantage of some essential tips letting you deliver an award-winning explanatory essay. Some may find the name of the assignment a bit too intimidating. Have no worries, as here in this article you will find any synthesis essay prompt you are looking for.

How to Define the Synthesis Paper?

Let’s give the definition to explanatory essay before we jump into tips and prompts to write a successful synthesis essay.  It would be pretty great to learn what is the assignment about, wouldn’t it? The paper may look similar to argumentative essay. he only difference is that when you are assigned to write synthesis essay well, the instructor comes up with source support. In other words, you will have a list of necessary sources to gain information from.

Students generally think it puts an ease on the writing process. However, here they need to implement a 100% different approach as well as thinking and style. In most cases, it takes some time before a student gets used to this type of assignment. The structure is generally the same. You are required to write a strong thesis statement, present argument, write body paragraphs and sum up the main idea of the major paper.

Note that some sources will support different sides of your argument. It means that you may opt for some additional non-written sources to support a chosen side of an argument. Read all sources carefully to stress the main idea and put it in the perspective of your major paper. Now, let’s get to the writing process.

What Are Good Topics for a Synthesis Paper?

Once a student gets stuck on searching for good topics, he or she can browse the web in search of an appropriate one. Make sure the title encourages people to take part in a discussion or debate. Apart from research papers, avoid selecting general topic that does not reflect a strong position. You can choose it even if it does not reflect your own opinion on the topic. You will have more chances to support your own position.

Choosing the right topic is a tough challenge for many students. They cannot sort out a good one from a bad one. A bad topic for a synthesis essay is the topic that does not let readers understand the argument clearly. In other words, students are supposed to avoid too broad topics even if they like the subject. Narrowing the topic down may be a good solution to the problem. Here are some examples of bad variants:

  • Present arguments about cancer;
  • Write a paper about education;
  • Write about religion.

All the above-mentioned are too broad. Try to narrow them down and choose a specific point related to the wider subject. Here are examples of some good topics for the paper:

  • How can video games promote violence?
  • Should countries refuse from death penalties?
  • Is homeschooling good for kids?

Great, now we have an idea and ready to start our paper.

Key Points to Write an Impressive Paper

Paper organization is a critical point whenever it comes to creating an impressive paper. You may be surprised how easy it is to write a synthesis essay if you stick to the plan.

Stage # 1 – Read the Sources Carefully

Make sure you have read all provided sources carefully even if you haven’t decided on your own position. Try to sort out essential background information and try to connect is with your own thoughts. This is where you should be prepared for an in-depth research and exploration.

Stage # 2 – Decide On Your Position

Once you have worked through all the given sources, it’s high time you presented your own strong position. There is no magic formula.

The key to success is to support any position you like even if you do not believe in it. You do not have to believe in your position, you need to be able to support it. Another vital thing is to stick to a chosen position. Never give up a side you choose and do not surrender whatever happens.

Stage # 3 – Write an Award-Winning Thesis Statement

An awesome thesis statement is a vital thing for any type of academic assignment. Synthesis papers are not an exception. The main mission here is to backup your argument and opinion as well as let readers understand what your paper will be about.

I good thesis statement will deliver a vision of the problem raised in the major paper. Try to make it as capturing and involving as possible, to grab the attention of the audience and make them want to take part in the conversation.

Stage # 4 – Draft the Outline and Right the Body

An outline is your guide to write a bigger essay. Moreover, it will let you logically connect all sections of the paper and guide users from one paragraph to another. Make sure all points of the outline reflect the main problems discussed in a particular section.

Stage # 5 – Write and Edit

Now you can get started and express all your ideas in the body paragraph, Here you will need to support your argument and make other people believe your opinion is one-and-only to consider. Develop a good conclusion for your paper, rest for a couple of hours and get to editing. Make sure you have implemented proper writing style, your paper is plagiarism-free and flawless when it comes to grammar and punctuation. You can write the most significant paper that will be doomed to failure because of minor grammar and punctuation mistakes. Proofread by yourself or higher certified editors.